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We can do an e-Mail payment
via e-Transfer
through your current
online banking

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For More Information
Call Us Toll Free
in North America) at
or e-mail

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You can also call direct to:

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Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
(Pacific Standard & Daylight Saving Time)

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Mailing address:
Box 6, St. 9, RR 1,
Spirit River, AB  T0H 3G0

Manufacturers of Quality Hard Cast Lead Bullets
made with Virgin Alloys for all Re loaders demanding
"Greater Accuracy"

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New Bullet Barn in Spirit River

The garage has been converted to a manufacturing plant, The Bullet Barn is producing bullets after two long months of hard work. We appreciate your patience and support during this long transition. We will be working hard, to catch up with all orders and to contact all our customers.


I would like to apologize for the long delay and inconvenience to the Bullet Barn customers. 

We will be contacting all customers that have inquires and orders, please be patient. 

The new business phone number is 780-864-3384.

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Top Quality - Brinell Hardness Level 25

Magma Molds - Beveled Base, wax lube for ease of loading

You must be 18 years old to order primers or powder from the Bullet Barn Manufacturing Company

Excellent, fast and friendly customer service is always our priority!

Just phone, mail or e-mail your order,
which will be sent out asap, the same day if product is in stock.

We ship "expedited parcel" through Canada Post
at very reasonable rates with quick delivery.
Receive a quote on shipping costs when you place your order.

Please Ensure You Send Your Postal Code
When Requesting Your Shipping Quote!!

Bulk order discounts available upon request.

Custom sizing also available.

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What's New at The Bullet Barn?

* *  e-Transfer is here for your payment convenience  * *

If you are signed up for online banking you can now send payment
through your online or mobile banking.

Just e-mail payment to bulletbarnab@gmail.com

Once complete, call or e-mail us the Security Question answer.

For more information about e-Transfer click here

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Dies & Gauges

We have a growing stock of popular calibers
that you can check out through the sidebar link.

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The Bullet Barn has been steadily growing over the years.
We've expanded our product line in hopes of providing a one-stop shopping solution for reloading and cowboy action enthusiasts.
This includes well-known high quality items, such as:
Starline brass,
Berry's Ammo Boxes,
Shooter's Choice Gun Care Products,
Professional's Choice Cleaning Patches,
as well as Smokeless Powders, Primers, Dies & Gages

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Our online Photo Gallery includes pictures of the original founders and shop.

It will be getting updated with pics of the new shop and more.

We hope you take some time to enjoy the pictures.

Meet Andy & Lois Ross - founders and proprietors of The Bullet Barn, attending one of their Cowboy Action events, dressed for dinner after a day of shooting.

Andy & Lois Ross

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